About us


In 1987 Harry Kuipers started a transport company with only one truck. In the very beginning it concerned a scheduled service to Hamburg. This fast-growing company started transport to Eastern Europe.
In 1994 a second transport activity is taken over which is housed in a separate company. Southern Europe is the main focus.
In 2002 both activities are combined and we move to our current location. We continue under the name Kuipers Logistics.
In 2008 Kuipers Air & Sea started. From that moment the transport service not only included road transport, but also air- and marine transport, enabling Kuipers to offer his customers a complete logistic package. Kuipers also acts as forwarding agent. Kuipers Logistics owes her success to a stable, well-trained and motivated work force, delivery of optimal quality with ISO-certification, a flexible and modern fleet, but above all to the experience, involvement and commitment of all our employees. Their knowledge is kept up-to-date by means of refresher courses.
With Kuipers Logistics and Air & Sea you have reached the right address for:

  • Road transport of parcels and large loads (international)
  • Marine transport
  • Air transport
  • Storage
  • Complete logistic service

Transport to Italy has been our specialty for many years now.

Distinctive qualities

We would like to mention a couple of qualities of our company, which we are very proud of:

  • We are the first carrier in the Netherlands that equipped our entire fleet with an alcohol lock. Before they can start the truck, the drivers first have to breath out air. Extremely safe!
  • In 2005 Kuipers Logistics was proclaimed ‘Arbo’ company of the year in the transport business (Health and Safety)
  • In 2007 we were awarded with the Business Award Transport and Logistics Netherlands. Theme: Security Management. In our company safety is considered of paramount importance!

Flexible fleet

For all-round truck transport we dispose of a modern fleet which consists of 45 trucks and 65 trailers. A multifunctional fleet which can be traced directly thanks to an extremely modern ‘tracking & tracing’ system. Both our material and our employees are suitable for transporting dangerous substances (ADR) and for intermodal transport. Of course, we also have trailers with double load floors.

Complete logistic service

Kuipers Logistics offers more than just road-, air-, and marine transport. We offer a complete logistic package: Road transport, air transport and marine transport, or combinations of these means of transport.

If desired, we can also arrange all corresponding care and formalities: transport, storage and all customs formalities concerning clearance during import and export. Delivering high quality is essential. We are certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 norms. Each day, our employees guarantee a reliable and complete service in the field of transport and logistics. We make sure the right cargo will be delivered at the right time, place and in the right quantities at optimal costs.

Please feel free to contact us without obligations. We would love to supply more information.

23 July, 2018

Afgelopen week zijn er tien nieuwe trucks afgeleverd bij Kuipers Logistics.

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